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COVID 19 – How we can help

Family Law

The overwhelming reality of Covid-19 is that family law matters do not go away, for a majority of people they cannot be paused and they cannot go into “hibernation”.

For people with children, new questions will need to be asked and answered. If you have recently separated your problems may feel intensified. For those that have been contemplating separation, a dramatic event such as the one we are all now experiencing may force that decision. We are also aware that issues surrounding domestic and family violence will get worse during these times.

It may be that right now, all you require is a one-off initial appointment to “get you through” – we can assist. It may be that you need ongoing advice, we can assist there as well.

We are currently offering telephone and video appointments in respect to family law matters. You can still telephone our office and we will answer. You can also contact us by email and we will reply.

For the most part our communication with existing clients is already exchanged by email. However, if legal matters can be better explained by telephone or face to face by video, we will not hesitate to reach out.

The Family Court provides regular insights into changes being made to accommodate for Covid-19 and we continue to engage with that information.

Wills and Estates

We have seen increased enquiries in respect to wills and estate planning owing to concern over Covid-19.

All of a sudden, people are being asked to consider their own mortality. For many, it is a scary thought. For us, it is something we deal with and consider on a daily basis. Regardless of Covid-19, the time to obtain a will is now.

We are taking instructions in respect to wills. We are doing everything we can to have wills prepared and signed as soon as practically possible with the constantly changing social distancing measures.

Will signings, at the moment, require two witnesses. The changing restrictions and limitations in respect to contact and social distancing has changed they way we sign wills. If you are contemplating obtaining a will, we encourage you to telephone us as promptly as possible to discuss what we are doing and how we can assist you.

We are monitoring steps being taken both in Western Australia and in other states in respect to will signings. If the legislation adapts to the current global situation, we will too.

If you already have a will and are considering whether you need a new one, we encourage you to call us. If you do not have a will, we can discuss with you the potential consequences and benefits to having a will.