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Violence Restraining Order (VRO) Perth

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At Rattigan & Associates, we offer advice and assistance in respect to Violence Restraining Orders (VRO) and Family Violence Restraining Orders in Perth. A Violence Restraining Order is a court order against a person that is designed to stop violence, threats of violence, behaviour that is controlling, or that causes fear. You can apply to the court for a Family Violence Restraining Order against a family member if you need protection because of the risk of family violence.

Leading VRO Lawyers Representing Perth Clients Across the State

Often where an enquiry is made in respect to a Family Violence Restraining Order a client will also need assistance with family law matters. Our VRO lawyers in Perth are in the position to assist in respect to all of these matters, no matter where you’re located in across the state of WA.

Regardless of whether a person has taken out a Family Violence Restraining Order on their ex-spouse (or is considering doing so) or has been served with a Family Violence Restraining Order they will have other questions. Those questions often extend to access to and communication with the children, access to funds and access to the family home. We can assist with all of these matters along with providing advice in respect to the order.

Sometimes people call us immediately upon considering a Family Violence Restraining Order. However, for a majority of people they have had to act first to protect themselves by obtaining a Violence Restraining Order or police have attended and served a “72-hour notice” or other notice requiring persons to remain apart.

Our highly experienced VRO lawyers can assist with both immediate advice and advice once an interim order has been made. If a final order has been made, we can also assist with parenting and property matters that will require attention regardless of the Restraining Order.

Reasons for a Violence Restraining Order

Family violence, or domestic violence, can take a number of forms. A person may be exposed to physical abuse or financial, emotional or psychological abuse. It is important to know and to understand that domestic violence does not always leave a victim with bruises or physical pain. Often family violence takes the form of controlling behaviour, a person is restricted financially or in their movements or relationships with others.

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We stress that our expert team can assist with the matter after the protective action has been taken. If you are experiencing family violence and are in immediate danger call 000 for Police or Ambulance assistance. If you’d like an experienced VRO lawyer in Perth to assist you with organising a Violence Restraining Order, contact us on (08) 6467 7179 today.

Family Violence Resources

If you are not yet ready to call a lawyer, call:

1800RESPECT (1800 737 732). This is a 24-hour national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line for any Australian who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 who can assist by putting you in contact with a crisis service or if you are thinking about suicide. SMS: 0477 131 114 if you’d prefer to text rather than call. Both of these phone numbers provide a 24/7 support service.

Men’s Referral Service 1300 766 491 offer assistance, information, and counselling to help men who use family violence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Violence Restraining Order (VRO)?

A Violence Restraining Order (VRO) is a legal order issued by a court to protect a person from threats, harassment, physical or emotional harm from another individual. It aims to prohibit the respondent (the person the order is against) from committing certain acts against the protected person, such as violence, intimidation, or damaging their property.

How can I obtain a Violence Restraining Order in Perth, WA?

To obtain a VRO in Perth, WA, you can apply at the Magistrates Court of Western Australia. The application can be made by the person seeking protection or by a representative on their behalf, such as a police officer or a lawyer. It is essential to provide details of the incidents and the reasons for requesting the order.

What is the process for getting a VRO in Perth, Western Australia?

The process begins with submitting an application to the Magistrates Court in Perth, WA. Once the application is filed, a date will be set for a hearing. The respondent will be served with a copy of the application and will have an opportunity to challenge it. If the court believes there is an immediate risk, they can issue an interim order before the final hearing. At the hearing, both parties present their cases, and if granted, the VRO will be issued.

What is the criteria for obtaining a VRO in Perth, Western Australia?

To obtain a VRO in Perth, the applicant must demonstrate the following:

  • They believe, based on reasonable grounds, that the respondent will commit an act of abuse against them, and
  • It is appropriate in the circumstances to issue the order. The court will consider factors like the nature and frequency of the abuse, the likelihood of abuse occurring in the future, and the wellbeing and safety of the applicant.

What happens if someone violates a VRO in Perth, Western Australia?

Breaching a VRO in Perth, WA, is a serious offence. If someone violates the conditions of the order, they can be arrested and charged. The penalties for breaching a VRO can include significant fines or imprisonment. It’s crucial for individuals to report breaches to the police immediately.

How long does a VRO last in Perth, Western Australia?

The duration of a VRO can vary. Typically, a VRO may be set for a specified period or indefinitely, depending on the circumstances. The court determines the duration based on the evidence presented and the perceived risk to the protected person. However, it can be extended, varied, or cancelled upon application to the court by either party.


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