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Wills, Probate and Estate Lawyers

At Rattigan & Associates, our lawyers specialise in preparing your Will and organising your estate planning. Located in Perth, our team understand that this can be a sensitive issue and are committed to making you feel comfortable and respected throughout the entire process.

Everyone over the age of 18 should have a valid Will drafted by a lawyer to ensure your estate can be distributed as quickly and as cheaply as possible, in the intended manner. Creating your own Will involves considering a number of things including enduring power of attorney, amending trust deeds, providing health directives and much more.

As a highly complex task, you will require the services of a Wills and estate lawyer. Do-it-Yourself kits lack the sophistication necessary to properly reflect your true intentions and often fail to the extent that intended beneficiaries do not receive the gifts referred to in the Will. By aligning with the team at Rattigan & Associates, we’re able to provide guidance, support and assistance on all your legal matters in the comfort of our Perth office.

Making proper arrangements about your estate is vitally important. People often put off arranging their affairs, but the best plan to remove financial worries for your family, is to act now. To safeguard your estate during your lifetime, as well as after it, our estate lawyers are able to assess your situation and provide a range of ways to meet your needs now and in the future.

As the leading Wills, estate and probate lawyers in Perth, Rattigan & Associates specialise in drafting Wills and other estate planning, including enduring powers of attorney and enduring powers of guardianship. In the event you have lost a family member, we can also assist with administration of estates, probate applications, letters of administration and estate advice. For more information contact Rattigan & Associates today on (08) 6467 7179.

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