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Property and Conveyancing Lawyers

At Rattigan & Associates, our experienced property lawyers provide advice and assistance on a variety of property law matters. Including but not limited to, property investment and settlement, loan guarantors and building contracts. We’re committed to offering beneficial, reliable and detailed advice that covers your legal entitlements and obligations throughout the entire process.

Our team of property lawyers at Rattigan & Associates are able to act as a settlement agent if you are buying or selling a residential property in Perth, Western Australia. Our property settlement lawyers understand your needs and requirements, and work alongside you to provide achievable, holistic solutions.

If you’re experiencing difficulties during your settlement process, we have a team of property dispute lawyers in Perth who will always put your needs as our first priority. Acting on behalf of our clients in the form of mediation, negotiation or litigation, we strive to create positive outcomes in every situation.

In addition to this, we can provide you with independent advice if you’re looking at borrowing funds as a director of your company, buying an investment property, or if you are providing security as a guarantor for a family member.

By specialising in an array of legal practices, we’re able to provide guidance and results no matter how complex your case may be. For further specific information about settlements, conveyancing or bank guarantees please contact our Perth office on (08) 6467 7179.

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