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Our Testimonials

I am so thankful we approached Rattigan & Associates as not only did Mr Rattigan and his team re-instil my faith in the system, they were extremely supportive in helping me protect my son. They provided transparent insight into what to expect, without ever misleading to a positive outcome. I cannot recommend a better firm or group of people to assist through the extremely traumatic experience of a family case/matter. You must have faith in your legal counsel and Rattigan & Associates are the compassionate experts to help you in your case with confidence.
JH - Cockburn

Graeme is an experienced and very wise family lawyer. You must trust him to guide you through the family court process and he will get you to the finish line in the least stressful way. Let him navigate the course – he knows his stuff, believe me. And for the record, towards the end of my case, as the other party were so obviously drawing things out, I was advised to ‘go off the record’ – ie act for myself – how many lawyers do that?
KL - East Fremantle

Graeme is a very astute lawyer who gave me excellent advice and saved me heaps of money. Thoroughly recommended.
CH - Fremantle

Thank you all so very much for assisting me with my parents’ deceased estate. I will be highly recommending your firm to relatives and friends.
MI - Banjup